100kN (22KIP) MTS 647.10A-03 Hydraulic Wedge Action Grips

(1) Used Set of 100kN MTS Model 647.10A-03 Side-Loading Hydraulic Wedge Action Grips.  S/N 0359306, Part No. 470806-03

MTS Model 647.10A-03 Hydraulic Grips


Model: 647.10A-03

Fatigue Capacity: 100kN (22K)

Static Capacity: 120kN (27K)

Max. Hydraulic Supply Pressure: 3000PSI

Stud Size: 1-14

Height:  Overall 7.4" Body 6.3"

Diameter:  8.0"

Weight per Grip: 52 lbs

Flat Wedges:  Maximum Width 44mm (1.75")

Thickness: 0.00 to 7.62mm (0.30")

Thickness: 7.11mm(0.28") to 14.22mm(0.56")

Thickness: 11.7mm(0.46") to 19.1mm(0.75")

Vee Wedges:

Diameter: 5.8mm(0.23") to 11.9mm(0.47")

Diameter: 10.9mm(0.43") to 16.5mm(0.65")

Diameter: 12.7mm(0.50") to 19mm(0.75")

Diameter: 17mm(0.67") to 22.9mm(0.90")

Equipped With:

  • MTS Model 609.10A-01 22 KIP (100 kN) Alignment Fixture Part No. 49083501
  • One Set of (4) Flat Wedge Grips
  • Upper and Lower Split Lock Collars

Optional:  Additional Flat & Vee Wedge Faces Available for $695 a Set.