Lansmont Model 122/200 Shock Testing System

(1) USED, Lansmont Model 122/200, Shock Machine Test System

Lansmont Model 122/200


Max Specimen Weight: 2500 lbs

Max Package Size:

     Length: 78.5"

     Width: 48"

     Height: No Restrictions

Max Acceleration: 600g (Bare Table)

Min/Max Pulse Duration: Min: 2 msec, Max: 80 msec

Max Velocity Changes: 25 ft/sec (7.62 m/sec)

Approximate Overall Dimension (W x D x H): 72" x 79" x 116"

Weight: 21,000 lbs

Voltage Requirements: 230V, 60Hz, 3Ph

Air Requirements: 90 PSI


  • Large Payload Capacity Table
  • Four Precision Guide Rods
  • Wide Range of Programmable Shock Pulses
  • Hydro-Pnuematic Brakes and Safety Mat
  • Lansmont Shock Test Controls
  • Shock Control
  • Hoist, Arm, Drop, Brake Pressure
  • Pressure Control
  • Programmer Pressure
  • Table Position
  • Charge Amplifiers

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