Ling Model V651 Electro-Dynamic Vibration Test System

(1) USED Ling Vibration System (LDS), Model V651, Electro-Dynamic Vibration Test System with LDS PA1000L Amplifier

Ling Vibration System (LDS) Model V651


Force Rating (Lbs Random): 245 (1,090 N)

Force Rating (Lbs Sine): 364 (1,620 N)

Peak to Peak Displacement: 1"

Frequency Range (Hz): DC – 5,000 Max

Armature  Diameter: 6.14”

Armature Mass (Lbs): 4.94

Total Weight (Lbs): 417

Max Acceleration (sine peak): 73.7 g

Max Acceleration (random rms): 49.6 g

Cooling Air Requirements: 130 ft3/min


  • V651 Air Cooled Vibrator with Base S/N S6344-001/1
  • LDS PA1000L CE Power Amplifier S/N 45441/5
  • LDS Model FPS10L Field Power Supply S/N 38988/4
  • LDS V651 Cooling Fan S/N S6344-002/1
  • Hoses & Cables

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