M/Rad Free Fall Shock Machine Model 2424 (200) FF

(1) USED M/Rad, Model 2424 (200) FF, Free Fall & Accelerated Free Fall Shock Machine, S/N 218-56. Year: 1990

M/Rad Model 2424 (200) FF


Overall Height: 13½ feet

Table Size: 24” x 24”

Maximum Specimen Height: Limited to ceiling height

Acceleration: 1750g @ 1ms (w/bungee accelerators)

Maximum Terminal Velocity: 60”/second

Minimum Pulse Duration: 1ms

Maximum Payload Weight: 200 lbs

Bare Table Weight: 500 lbs

Seismic Mass Weight: 8000 lbs

Release Mechanism: Hydraulic Brakes

Lift Mechanism: Hydraulic Cylinder

Electrical Specifications (V,Ph,Hz): 480, 3, 60

FOB Warren, MI

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